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Worst Interview Ever

I arrive on time and first meet with the HR manager who pretends to be nice.

I sadly see her fake smile fade as she shows me to the room where I would be doing an assessment before the panel interview.

Whilst on my way to the room the HR manager introduces me to the CEO who will line manage the successful candidate in the role of the company whilst he was ‘just passing by’ and was going to be on the interview panel.

He greets me with an unwelcoming awkward nod and smile.

The interview begins with the generic introductory questions in which I understand is me explaining to an employer my selling points and what makes me different.

As a HR professional who interviews candidates I understand preparation and answering questions with structure is key in giving good answers.

Although I came prepared and the responses to my answers were met with a nonchalant attitude from the panel and further questioning that did not relate directly to me but my previous employer.

I was then asked questions in a tone in which devalued me as a candidate.

Everything I wrote in my application form and supporting statement seemed as if it was pointless as it was never analysed in the first place.

The panel of three sat in a strange formation with one interviewer opposite me the other parallel and the other on the right hand side of the table … this was quite strange.

Halfway into the interview I felt like my time was being wasted and I was just a part of the routine of interviewing a selected amount of candidates when the company knows who they are hiring.

I was not asked my availability towards the end of the interview which is a key indicator a company wants to employ you so I knew this was not a successful interview.

I was emailed that I had been unsuccessful as expected although I had “performed really well in the interview” according to the company and to call for further feedback.

I called expecting a contradiction and that is what I recieved.

The HR manager who was intimidated by me then proceeded to say that they did not agree with my answers for the behavioural questions and that the person they have hired has over 10 years experience.

With my experience in recruitment and common sense it was clear that she was trying to make up any justifiable excuse that will not lead to any legal action.

Even though mentioning the fact that the company went with a candidate with over 10 years experience is discriminatory based on age….

It then made sense why the questions came across to me like they had not reviewed my qualifications and experience at all.

Either the candidate did not exist or they could see through the individuals of the panel and refused the offer.

What made a job interview memorable to you?  

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  1. this is quite sad. I wonder why employers feel the need to do this as it’s better to just not interview a candidate they don’t want. I rather not receive a call then go to a wasted interview!

  2. Sounds like they weren’t interested in hiring a qualified candidate. It sounds like they were very unprofessional and I’m Not sure I would want to be hired by them.

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