Are you currently being exploited at work?


Are you currently doing someone else’s job on top of your own and receiving no additional pay ?

Is payday a day of frustration instead of celebration?

If the answer is yes to any of the above you may be getting exploited at work.

Many employees are unaware of their actual net pay and confuse this with their gross salary which is your salary without deductions.

Exploitation at work can happen to anyone but is common amongst younger employees with salary, bullying and harassment.

You could potentially overcome this by:

  • Requesting a job evaluation
  • Documenting the acts of exploitation
  • Recording any emails with positive reinforcement 
  • Ensuring any verbal agreements are followed through with written documentation ideally from HR
  • Looking into your employment rights and protection against unlawful discrimination
  • Seeking employment law advice from a solicitor
  • Contact ACAS 
  • Preparing an exit strategy

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