The Real Reasons You Were Not Hired…

job interview panel

Have you ever showed up to an interview that has gone well after all your preparation and then you are told you did not get the job?

Sometimes they could genuinely have found a more ‘suited’ candidate but when you know you have done everything right after your preparation something does not feel right.

The reason the company gave you was vague and generic during your interviews you have to watch out for when they probe you about your weaknesses.

The real reasons..

  • They felt intimidated by your presence, your knowledge or skill set which may have been above theirs and it was something they could not look past .
  • Due to a protected characteristic as they knew who would suit their office environment before inviting you in
  • The company already employed someone internally or externally for the role
  • The company secretly contacted your employer and they gave negative feedback .
  • You said something verbally or non verbally that put them off

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