Career Goal Setting

No more procrastinating and no more making excuses in 2020.

It’s not easy but challenge yourself through self reflection and be honest with yourself in a constructive but positive manner.

Reap the benefits of your planning and preparation.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What is your plan for 2020 to meet your targets ?
  • What value do you bring to a team and to an organisation?
  • What skills do you have and want to improve?
  • Where do you see yourself this time next year?
  • What are your weaknesses that and how will you improve these?
  • What are you content with , unhappy and happy about with your job?
  • What obstacles are affecting you from progressing in your role and how will you overcome these?

The Process

Frequent tracking of progress and reflection can help you towards your goals.

  • Are you being acknowledged more in your workplace?
  • Have you been networking effectively?
  • Has your employer shown signs they will invest in you?
  • Are you getting closer to your goals?

Speak it into existence and reprogram your thinking . You could do this individually now through speaking what you want to come into fruition to yourself via recorded messages to yourself or in conversations with your mentor or friends.

Seek support through trusted individuals or mentorship and be more open to receiving genuine constructive feedback that can help you make adjustments that get you better results.

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2 thoughts on “Career Goal Setting”

  1. cheriewhite says:

    Great article. I will admit (with a sheepish grin) that at times, I’m guilty of procrastination too. I juggle so many things- spouse, family, day job, my next book project, blogging, networking- it can get stressful and sometime I have to take a breather. And- Psst! My hubby is a big-time procrastinator and sometimes, I have to start something he has put off doing. Then he’ll jump up and get to it (LOL). Definitely something we all should work on sometimes.

  2. cheriewhite says:

    Great article. I’ll admit that sometimes I’m guilty of procrastinating too. With juggling so many things at once, it can be easy to do. Thank you for posting!

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