What To Know After Graduation



Your gross salary is advertised to entice you as a candidate but your main focus should be your net pay salary after your deductions.

Don’t Compare… Too Much

Different sectors, different organisational structures and protected characteristics means that your career path will be different to your friends and others.

You should use salary benchmarking tools to ensure you are being paid job market value and not being discriminated against due to a protected characteristic.

Toxic Work Environments

They actually exist and not just on the TV screen.

A toxic work environment can affect your wellbeing outside of work.

Many individuals try to ignore or downplay a beyond repair relationship with their manager or colleagues which leads to an uncomfortable working environment and impacts your mental health.

Your wellbeing should always come first.

Employment Rights

Although your employment rights start at the beginning of your start date until your qualifying period of two years consecutive years is completed you will then have full employment rights and a right to written reasons if you dismissed.

This means you can be dismissed from your employer without any written reason..

Not all contracts have to be written down which are express terms as implied terms exist.

This in short means verbal agreements do not have to be followed through and it is always vital to get written record of all things related to yourself through email , correspondence or subject access request… if it gets to that stage.

Recruitment Has Changed

The concept of applying for a job you have read the job specification for knowing you are qualified has changed.

You need resilience and persistence to not give up until your goal is accomplished.

This may mean rejection but through reflection and building character this should help you persevere.

Nepotism and discrimination have made it difficult for job seekers but this does not mean to give up.

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2 thoughts on “What To Know After Graduation”

  1. ellieslondon says:

    Before graduating, I really wish I had been taught more about freelancing. I did a journalism degree and exactly none of it focused on what happens once you’ve got your really expensive piece of paper and try to get paid for being a writer!

  2. Thank you for reading .

    We definitely all had to learn the hard way which could be avoidable with informing each other about expectations early on.

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