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Job Searching Without Relevant Experience| Find Jobs Nearby

Many employers emphasise that they want candidates with experience in order to employ them and without experience you will most likely receive constant rejection.

1. Tailor your Resume/ CV and cover letter for each job you apply for using keywords related to the role and job description which highlight your transferable skills.

Scan your Resume/CV here to review its ATS suitability.

If you have been sending the same exact CV and getting the same responses it’s probably time to look into this and make the necessary changes.

2. Find professionals in your desired field on social media platforms and get an insight on the day to day responsibilities and their career path.

3. Complete the niche qualifications in your desired field to show employers your determination.

4. Gain experience or exposure by volunteering or shadowing a professional in your desired field. These opportunities can lead to paid work and good networking opportunities.

5. Be prepared to articulate your strengths make them relevant to the job.

6. When interviewing win over the panel with your personality as although you may not be the most experienced you are showing you are someone they can easily work with.

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