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How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Set Boundaries

At any instance if there is disrespect guised as “banter” try and raise this complaint informally if possible by raising this with your manager without delay.

If the harassment or bullying is from your manager then you will most likely need a more formal route raising the grievance with their manager or the company human resources department informally initially.

Do Not Fall For The Positive Reinforcement Perception Deception

Gaslighting can happen to anyone and from anyone at work from your colleagues to management.

Gaslighting is a common form of manipulation used to gain a psychological upper hand to make an individual have self doubt.

Do not second guess yourself.

Once a manipulator at work has acknowledged that you may have had enough of their behaviour and are willing to take action they may throw in some positive reinforcements such as compliments out of nowhere after consistent negative reinforcements such as guilt tripping , undermining and micromanaging.

Do not fall for this deception as these are timed when convenient and will most likely continue in the future.


Confide externally outside of your organisation with your union representative, trusted friends or family.

You could also use outlets such as Acas in which you will discuss your workplace problem with trained Acas adviser for free and confidential advice on your workplace problem and employment law.

Do not suppress your emotions or try to take a blind eye to this treatment as your wellbeing should come first.


Ensure you make a written record or diary of any act you deem to be unusual or makes you feel uncomfortable such as bullying , manipulation and harassment.

Bullying and harassment can be subtle but this does not mean you should not make a record of the time , date and witnesses.

Keep evidence such as emails and relevant documentation that can support your case securely in a safe place.

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