job hunting during a global pandemic 2020

Job Hunting During a Global Pandemic

Is it worth still applying during the coronavirus pandemic?


Although most jobs excluding vacant immediate start roles or remote working job vacancies.

Many jobs will most likely have postponed start dates meaning job offers are still being made around this time as well as entering the applicant tracking system (the artificial intelligence robots that screen your resumes/CV).

UK Jobs

USA Jobs

Get familiar with Applicant tracking systems(ATS) as they are here to stay.

What is ATS and why is it important?

The software known as the applicant tracking system (ATS) is designed to make the recruitment process more efficient for organisations by filtering high and low scoring candidates against the job description, keyword optimisation and formatting looking for the best exact match out of candidates.

To get past the ATS it requires a high level of precision therefore it is crucial to meet the criteria set by the ATS as if it does not find a match in your application you will not rank highly or progress onto the next interview stage.

Scan your resume/CV now for free ATS feedback that will help increase your chances of getting through the ATS by ranking higher than other applicants.

During the COVID-19 outbreak organisations will be dealing with high volume applications the usage of ATS will increase so it is important to ensure your applications are ATS compliant and not just well presented.

Lack of Communication

During this outbreak it is important to understand that there may be a delay in response from openings and following up with recruiters and employers is necessary.

Although the communication and transparency should still be maintained due to the unpredictability of the times we are in there could be more redundancies within organisations in which those leading on recruitment may have increased workload or lose their role meaning the role could be put on hold with ambiguity.


During these difficult times financial pressures have affected all but with this in mind how have employers valued and treated members of staff during this time.

This outbreak gives a real time review of potential employers with how employees have been treated during this pandemic i.e. furloughing staff members.

Self Development

Interviewers are likely to ask what you have been doing during this outbreak and if you have been out of work they want to hear about productivity and the initiative you have used.

With universities offering free courses this could be a time of reflection for a potential into career change.

A proactive approach to improving your interviewing skills at home can increase your chances of getting through the next stages.

Video Interviews require a high level of preparation , researching the company and having structured answers.

Aside from what you are saying you also have to be aware of your surroundings for your video interview making it easier for an interviewer to have the conversation without any distractions but also awareness of yourself.

  • What non verbal signals are you subconsciously or consciously saying during the video interview?
  • Do you appear enthusiastic?

Telephone Interviews much like video interviews require detailed structured answers but with the interviewer not being able to see you they need to sense that you are passionate about the position and that you are not regurgitating your CV line for line but are going into detail about past achievements and responsibilities.

Establishing your unique selling points as a candidate is vital to know for your progression but also works in favour of knowing how to present yourself through your personal branding.

Add these to your Resume/CV to strengthen your applications.


Your mental and physical health should be prioritised as well as staying occupied and productive with self development.

Morning power questions can be an effective tool to stay motivated.

It is vital to continue to apply effectively tailoring your application to the job requirements which can be done here with specific tailored feedback.


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