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Enhancing Your Personal Branding For Your Job Search

Being aware of your personal branding can enhance your job search.

Employers usually want candidates to showcase they are in demand and can bring value to their organisation.

Knowing the balance of showing  interest in a position and not exhibiting desperation can make a huge difference in how you are perceived against other candidates.

If you come across as too eager as a job candidate this can sway the interest from employers and recruiters solely due to perception.

Online Presence & Personal Branding

Your personal branding and online presence is vital to employers and recruiters as it can give a snapshot showing your suitability for a role with Linkedin presence but also your social media presence.

If your Linkedin is not up to date it shows you are currently not active on the platform even though you may be actively looking.

Ensure your Linkedin is always up to date.

  • How easy are you to find on Linkedin with one search?
  • Does your Linkedin headline give a clear indication to employers on your availability?
  • What is your Linkedin optimisation?

Tailoring Your Communication For Fit

Preparation and structured answers can assist you with telephone screenings having key achievements written down prior to use a guide during your initial telephone screening is more effective than just having your CV/Resume.

  • How do you perceive to come across to employers and recruiters?
  • What personality traits of yours are they showing they are more receptive to?
  • What parts of the job description and person specification are you most aligned with and how can you use this to stand out against other candidates?

Your CV/Resume bullet points should be articulated as a short summary of achievements and not task based responsibilities.

Employability and Personal Branding

The value you are able to bring to an organisation now and in years to come will have to change.

Be prepared to articulate your short and long term goals for an organisation.

Prepared structured answers shows employers your level of preparation and you are able to articulate yourself confidently.

  • In years to come will you want to pursue this same field of work for the role you are applying for?
  • In the digital age of artificial intelligence will your role still require human functionality?
  • What transferable skills do you possess?

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