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How To Rebuild After Rejection

In our careers and journeys to success it’s inevitable that we will encounter moments where we are told “no”.

You know deep down you did everything you could have to seek investment or land the job and it did not come into fruition.

After not getting a response we want our emotions, expectations and reality combined naturally can lead to self blame and self doubt.

Rebuild and reap the benefits of your planning and preparation

It starts with rebuilding and removing self doubt from your mind.

Focus on your strengths and transferable skills that you possess.

What have you already achieved and are you planning to achieve in future?

Is it Rejection or Redirection?

The reasons we are ‘rejected’ are subjective so it is important to not be too critical of yourself.

Your vision, skills and knowledge will be embraced.

Your approach determines whether you are being redirected or rejected.

When you take the redirection approach you reflect on your situation and what you learned and build.

Do you strive for more and use the situation as fuel to prove the wrong the decision was made?

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Constantly applying to yourself to opportunities putting your best foot forward is important.

It only takes that one yes for the right life changing opportunity to be presented to you when you keep applying yourself striving for even better.

Keep going and persevere until reach your goals.

Success is subjective and it’s important to find your fulfilment.

Prove the doubters wrong like how these individuals did